Since 1990

Exceptional steel mill, foundry, surface preparation and mulch colourant products from a company you can depend on.

Karrich Industries began operations in 1990 by supplying and servicing foundries, fabricators, steel mills, and the mining industry and quickly expanded to include foundry and steel mill consumables, various coatings, and equipment.

In 1996 Karrich Industries began manufacturing sand cores for the local market and quickly expanded our export markets.

To meet this increased demand, the plant and operations were expanded three-fold in ten years.

Since then, new products include alloy cored wire, manufacturing tube and pipe products, and expansion into abrasives. Future growth and expansion is on-going with new product lines for surface preparation, blast cleaning, and metal fabrication as well as instrumentation for molten metal detection and chemistry determination.

Superior products and support

ISO 9001:2015 Certified, centrally located, reliable and responsive.

Our company's continued success is attributable to our expertise in foundry, steelmaking and surface preparation. We are certified in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Centrally located in Selkirk, Manitoba with easy access to rail and major truck routes, our headquarters are an attractive shipping point for all of Canada and the northern United States.

Being centrally located can reduce transportation costs, which can translate to lower prices for Karrich's customers and increased profits for their businesses across Canada and the USA (United States of America).

Our integrity and reputation are based on providing superior customer service and technical expertise. We recognize that each customer is unique and our products are available in a variety of options to accommodate every need.

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