Full palette of colours available

Mulch Colourant Options

Karrich Industries mulch colourants provide superior colour strength, longevity to UV exposure, as well as consistency through the use of any automated or manual mulch colourant system. Our focus is on black, brown, red and gold. We currently only offer our premium version of dye that we know your customers will be happy with.

With access to a full palette of colours, we are sure you will find the product suitable for your demands. If for some reason you cannot find a colour to your liking, let a person from our sales team know your desire and our partnered lab can formulate a custom colour for your application. Pound for pound, Karrich Industries mulch colourants hold the best value in the market today. We provide a pure and concentrated colour which ensures strength, hue and opacity. We are now looking to expand our reach to as many other provinces as possible.

All of our paint is sold in either drum or tote quantities.

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